5 Signs that Demand Replacing Your Blinds and Curtains

September 07 2018
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When it comes to interiors, even a small change can bring a noticeable makeover to your property. Those changes may not seem to be necessary, but doing so can really help you in maintaining your healthy home. One such change that you should indulge in frequently is replacing your canvas awnings along with the curtains and blinds in Melbourne.

It is definitely a nice feeling when you hang a new set of curtains or install trendy blinds in your property. After all, they are the finishing touches to fresh interior decor harmonising with the theme of the room and cleverly blending with other soft furnishings of your property. But how to decide what to choose – curtains or blinds? Find it out!

After a certain point, these curtains or blinds will start to look a little dusty. At such times, a homeowner would resort to steam clean them in order to restore their colour while removing the traces of dirt or grime. But, how long will you be able to retrieve its original look?

There is no specific rule as to when should you replace your roller blinds in Melbourne. Generally, their useful lifespan is about 5 to 7 years, but most people choose to hang on their blinds for much longer.  Though, using them optimally till they can serve you with the need will seem to be a good idea but, there are few situations or reasons that demand a timely replacement of the window coverings, be it internally or externally.

So what are those reasons that may prompt you to opt for a replacement? Let’s find out!

Reasons to Timely Replace Your Blinds and Curtains

#1 To Comfort Your Home with the Right Linings

There are three types of linings used: blackout, thermal and interlining. Each type comes with different functional benefits. Opting for the blackout lining in summers and later swapping it with either thermal or interlining in autumn or winters can help you big time. The blackout, as the name says, will block out the bright sun rays while providing you with the insulating properties.

Similarly, the thermal and interlining will keep the heat in and reduce electric and gas spending. Thus, consider replacing your curtains and roller blinds in Melbourne season-wise to avail the optimum benefit and comfort from them.

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#2 To Ensure that there are no Damaged or Broken Slats

There are many components and moving parts that assist the blinds to function properly. But, if any of these items are worn or damaged, it may be a sign to consider replacing them with a new one. For instance, if the sidewinder or the side chain on your roller blinds in Melbourne is not able to raise and lower the shade properly, a replacement will likely be needed.

#3 To Avail Optimum Level of Safety

Blinds can easily add an element of style which, when used with proper care, can make your property look great. The window awnings, as well as the blinds, are generally chosen by the homeowners years ago while they first moved into the property. But, what if your current blinds have exposed cords or hang down low enough for a small child to grab them easily? It can really pose a safety threat at such times. Hence, replacing them with new curtains and blinds in Melbourne is a great way to resolve this concern.

#4 To Create a Healthy Home

A curtain or a blind is one of the favourite places for the dirt and dust to get accumulated. Even if you clean them regularly, they will return in no time. Replacing the old curtains at regular intervals with a new one will not only reduce the presence of dirt, bacteria, bugs or smelly odours but will also keep your home updated aesthetically by creating a healthy environment for your loved ones.

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#5 To Stay Abreast with the Changing Trend

If you get easily bored with the monotonous look of your property and are too much inclined to follow the latest trends, update it. Replacing your blinds, curtains and the canvas awnings in Melbourne will not only bring a change to the overall look but will also satiate your feeling of following the latest trend.


It is simple; every product has its own life cycle. Still, if you will keep on using them, you won’t experience the same results which you use to avail earlier. The same thing applies to the canvas awnings, curtains and the roller blinds in Melbourne. Using them for long will not only create a monotonous look but will also become a home to many unhealthy aspects. Hence, consider replacing them as soon as they start showing the noticeable signs.

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