5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Blinds

September 05 2018
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No house is complete without the windows and no window is complete without proper window treatments. Whether you are looking for an easy way to spruce up your room or starting from the scratch, blinds are a great addition to any home or office. Windows are a focal point in a room thus ensures that the window treatments are functional and aesthetically appealing.

There is no denying that the window treatments are often an overlooked aspect of home décor. Whether you just need to replace the blinds in your home or wondering which ones to install, window treatments are not given much of a thought. For many people buying window treatments is a simple process. Without any second thought, they will buy the one that catches their eye and install them. But the reality, after installation they never feel truly satisfied with their choice.

Remember that the blinds and shades you install play a prominent role not only in the appearance of your window but also in the overall ambience and lighting of your abode. There are several factors that you need to take into account before you decide to buy blinds online.

To feel 100% confident when you place your order for blinds online is to take time to determine exactly what you are looking for in your new window treatments. Here are 9 types of blinds that you should know about. To avoid getting blindsides, let’s take a look at x important things you need to consider before making a final decision:

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#1. Style

The market for blinds is huge. Check out any website and you’ll across the endless choices. From plantation shutters, mini shutters, vertical blinds, roller blinds – the list is endless. Ultimately, the blinds reflect your own style. Thus go for the style that you love, as personal preferences take the priority here.

Every type of blinds has their own range of styles which may make one a better choice than another. If you are opting for Venetian blinds or vertical blinds, consider the fact that wide horizontal slats make space appear larger, which is perfect for small apartments. Vertical blinds work perfect for the wide windows, making them an ideal choice for the sliding doors.

If you are after a minimalistic style, opt for the colour closer to the palette of walls. You may even opt to make blinds a focal point in the room, which can add a pop of colour or contrast.

#2. Material

Depending on your situation, some materials are more suitable than others. If for a large part of the day, your windows are exposed to direct sunlight, go for the material that absorbs heat. Honeycomb blinds, timber Venetian blinds and PVC plantation shutters are energy efficient window treatment options and leave the interior temperature untouched.

While on the other hand, wet zone areas such as the bathroom and kitchen are more prone to moisture, thus consider the blinds are easy to clean and water resistant. Plantation shutters and PVC Venetian blinds make the perfect choice for it.

#3. Window

There is no surprise to the fact that the window plays a vital role in the selection of the blinds. There are both functional and decorative elements that you need to take into account. Different blind styles open and close differently.

If you have large sliding doors you need easy access to, buying vertical blinds or roller blinds online would be a perfect choice, as it offers a clean minimal style. When you buy blinds online, ensure to pay attention while taking measurements. If failed to take an accurate measurement, it can destroy the overall look that you want to achieve.

Also, determine whether you want an inside or outside mount. This may be influenced by window sill ornaments, deep or shallow window casing, door handles, etc. Outside mounting makes the window appear larger, whilst inside mounting provides a sleek and minimalistic look. When ordering online, don’t hesitate to call their customer care team to confirm the measurements.

#4. Light And Privacy

Control of light and privacy are the major selling point of the window treatments. You may want to let all the light in to create a bright and airy living room while you might even want to completely block out the light for a cosy sleep. Thus ensure that you go with the option that enables you to control the light and privacy.

Venetian blinds make the perfect option for the living areas as they can provide the full light and visibility while blacking out to provide the complete privacy within seconds. Different types of roller blind offer a high degree of versatility to suit a wide range of needs.

Block out roller blinds can completely block out the direct sunlight, thus are ideal for bedrooms, theatre rooms or any other room that requires full privacy. Light filtering roller blinds soften the sunlight and perfect require lots of sunlight. Sunscreen roller blinds prevent 95% of the UV rays while letting you maintain the privacy as well as the outside view during the day.

#5. Children

If you have toddlers or animals, consider the safety features while selecting the blinds. Corded blinds may present a choking and hanging hazard for them. Also, linking chains and blind chords mat look like a new toy for them. So, prefer considering cordless blinds and motorized blinds. When you buy roller blinds online, make sure that they have a chain safety cleat. Moreover, ensure that all your blinds are installed properly.

Final Thoughts:

From style to safety to function, there are several things that you need to consider when you buy blinds online.  With so many options available in the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the choices offered. Consider the above mentioned 5 facts while buying the next window covering to help navigate through the endless options!

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