Should I Buy A Wool Rug?

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A rug can update an otherwise tired room. It can draw a space together or delineate an area in an open-floor plan. However, finding the perfect rug to fill a particular space can be difficult. There’s a huge range of rug styles and materials to choose from – modern rugs, designer rugs, Persian rugs, oriental rug and so on.

To make the process simpler, it helps to understand the differences between the different rug materials such as wool, silk, acrylic/synthetic and others. Different materials have different properties in terms of durability, stain resistance, colour retention and ease of cleaning.

To help you make the right choice, we’re going to run you through the benefits of pure wool rugs.

They’re natural

Wool rugs are made from natural rather than synthetic materials. They may be machine woven or hand woven. As a natural material, wool is renewable and offers a range of natural benefits including being fire resistant and highly durable.

They’re environmentally friendly

Wool is a renewable and plentiful resource. A single sheep can produce anywhere from one to 13 kilograms of wool in a year, depending on the breed. Wool rugs are therefore more sustainable than synthetic rugs.

When buying a wool rug, make sure it specifies that it is made of natural wool and not synthetic wool.

Modern Rugs Melbourne

They’re easy to clean

Some rugs require regular and intensive cleaning. Wool rugs only need a light vacuum every few days to manage initial shedding and then less often as they age (about every two weeks).

They also are less likely to show dirt and are naturally odour resistant.

They’re stain resistant and water repellant

Wool naturally contains lanolin. Lanolin, also known as wool grease, is what stops sheep from getting cold and wet. This is also what makes wool rugs stain resistant and water repellant.

If you’re concerned about a stain on your wool rug, it is easy to remove. Simply dampen a cloth with some warm water and vinegar, and dab at the affected area. You can also add some wool detergent to this mixture.

They’re durable

Even the lowest quality wool rug can outlast a synthetic designer rug. Wool is an exceptionally hard-wearing fibre. A wool rug can easily withstand regular daily foot traffic. The fibres spring back quickly so your wool rug won’t flatten under furniture or constant foot traffic.

This durability also makes a wool rug a great choice if you have children or pets.

Further, wool is naturally fire resistant. Read Difference Between Persian and Oriental Rugs?

They’re vibrant

Wool fibres, despite being stain resistant, hold dye particularly well. Therefore, the range of colours you can get in wool rugs is vast. Vibrant and bold colours will also last better on a wool rug than on a synthetic modern rug.

Wool is hypoallergenic

The fibres in a wool carpet can actually trap dust, pollen and other allergy triggers, making a wool rug a great hypoallergenic choice. To get rid of these allergens, simply vacuum your rug every week or so.

Additionally, wool fibres tend to be too long and thick to inhale, unlike synthetic fibres, which can cause allergic reactions. The fibres are also soft so they won’t irritate sensitive skin.

If you’re looking for a new rug in your house, a wool rug is the perfect choice. Wool rugs are hardy yet soft, hypoallergenic and easy to clean, stain and fire resistant, and their colours won’t fade.

Once you’ve purchased your designer wool rug, find out how to position and style it perfectly.