Roller Blinds – Why Are They The Best Window Furnishing Option?

November 06 2018
Roller Blinds Online

When it comes to home décor, home furnishings is a thing of past. Most of the homeowners in Australia believe that beauty lies in versatility and the neatness which adorn your abode and look graceful in different settings. Also, minimalist is in trend these days. Thus, homeowners are focusing on the neat look and fine lines that blend gorgeously with an array of themes.

Nowadays people prefer to set up the entire décor of the home around a theme. This doesn’t mean that one needs to change the complete interior decoration. Simply look for versatile pieces that can look great in varied ambience and décor settings.

One such versatile and neat option that can give your window dressing a subtle look and beautify it is “Roller Blinds”. Being trendy, clean and versatile, roller blinds are a perfect window dressing option. If you are in a dilemma to select between a curtain or blind, better play safe and opt for roller blinds. They can go well with different settings and windows throughout the home. Whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom, living room or study, you can install roller blinds. Moreover, they are easy to maintain and give a minimalistic touch.

Listed below are the reasons, why you consider installing roller blinds for your home.

#1 Maximum Light Control

The prime function of any window covering is to control the amount of light entering a room. There are numerous ways to control the light, but amongst them, roller blinds are the most effective solution.

The roller mechanism is fixed at the top of the window opening and allows the blinds to fall in a vertical direction till the window sills, providing maximum coverage. After installation, you can open roller blinds in several different configurations, such as:

  • Fully closed for brilliant hot summer days
  • Half open during the time of warm weather
  • Fully open when the heat is not excessive, particularly during the cooler months. This gives the maximum view.

Partially or fully closed blinds can even be effective when you want to trap the heat inside in winter and at the same time, keeping out the cold.

Roller Blinds Online

#2 Total Privacy

Another important feature of roller blinds is the ability to hide the interiors of the home from the intruders or passersby. Large open windows are great to enjoy the surrounding view whilst our privacy is also important for us, particularly during the nights.

Roller blinds are the perfect option in such situations. They can be quickly closed to react to a sudden increase in the external activity and then can be opened again when the external environment calms down. The same can be applied for the time when you and your family need privacy.

#3 Reduces Energy Bills

During the hot summers, solar rays can pose a significant issue for the homes. Though most of the Australian homes are air-conditioned, the effect of the UV rays during the period of direct sunlight can considerably increase the temperature inside our home.

This leads the air conditioning system to work harder which raise the energy bills. The best solution is to limit the amount of the sun rays entering the home and roller blinds is the way to go. By simply buying roller blinds online and installing them at your abode can provide you with the much need shelter for your property’s interior and limit the amount of solar rays entering the home.

By installing roller blinds in the home, you can set your AC at a reasonable temperature, making your home more comfortable. This ultimately reduces the load on the AC system along with reducing the power consumption and energy bills.

#4 Several Installation Options

Roller Blinds Online

One of the several reasons behind the popularity of the roller blinds is their operation. We all are familiar with the control chain, but not all might be aware of the fact that the entire process can be automated.

You can install a motor which allows you to close and open the blinds via the touch of a button. This is a radio frequency technology with a remote control acting as a control point. This allows you to operate the blinds from anywhere within your den. Moreover, there is also an option to control the blinds directly from the tablet, phone or home automation system. Yes, you got right. Now, you no longer need to leave your sofa’s comfort to react to sudden light changes.

Every blind has its own circuit. This means that the two blinds of the same window can be operated independently. This is a perfect solution when the sun is in a particular awkward position. The motor fitted to the blinds allows for smooth and quiet operation, offering you prompt, accurate and efficient control over the position of your blinds.

#5 A Wide Range Of Designs, Colours And Patterns

From floral patterns to block colours, there is a wide range of designs, patterns and colours available. You are free to buy the roller blinds online that complements the decor in the rest of the home’s interior design. You can take the measure of your windows and get the accurate made-to-measure blinds that perfectly fit the windows.

#6 Low Maintenance

The best part of roller blinds is that they are very easy to maintain. Wiping out with a clean cloth is all you need. In case of marks or stains, use a damp cloth. This reason makes roller blind a perfect option for the kitchens.  You can also have a look at our comprehensive guide to cleaning window blinds. So, what has been stopping you? Design your windows beautifully with the contemporary and colourful blinds and have a well-designed home that everyone talks about.

#7 Blackout

If you work at nights, struggle to sleep or have young children, roller blinds in a blackout version can work wonder for it. Made using high-quality blackout linen ensures you a peaceful sleep. Blackout blinds are well-suited to the bathroom too.

Installing blackout roller blinds can significantly reduce the energy bills as well as noise from the exteriors – particularly if you reside near barking dogs or busy streets.

In A Nutshell:

Window furnishings significantly impact the style and feel of a room. Moreover, they are also essential for a good quality sleep. When you buy roller blinds online, you not only get attractive and sleek design but flexibility and durability too. This makes them a winning choice for the window furnishing.

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