14 Common Misconceptions About the Blinds You Need To Debunk

September 11 2018
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Window blinds are ubiquitous window furnishing for your windows. They can dramatically change the appearance of the overall room and thus many homeowners are extremely careful while doing their research and homework, before buying blinds online. With the endless options available in the market today, it seems to be a nightmare to choose the blinds that perfectly suit your need, style and budget.

To make the entire process of buying right window treatment even more complicated, there are numerous misconceptions about blinds that scares many Australian homeowners and prevent them from buying certain types of window furnishings altogether. Here, it’s crucial to know that the window treatments have come a long way in recent years. Many of the shortcomings and drawbacks that were common in the past decades have been resolved via best quality components and materials and extensive product testing.

This means that most of the invasive misconceptions about the blinds came during the period when window treatments were less reliable and durable. Let’s have a look at some of the common misconceptions and clear it out so that you can make an informed decision about choosing a window treatment that’s backed with facts and knowledge.

Myth 1: Custom Blinds Are Expensive 

Fact: It’s a thing of past when window treatments were used to be expensive. With the technological advancement, there are different types of pocket-friendly blinds available in the market; that is made of a wide range of vinyl blinds, faux wood, etc. These blinds are available at very reasonable rates and can suit any budget.

Myth 2: Maintenance of the Blinds Is a Tiring Task

Fact: This is just not true. Most of the blinds available in the market are made up of materials that are very easy to clean. Simply take down the blinds and run a feather duster. For extra dirty blinds, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt. In case, you don’t have time to clean it yourself, you can also take the help of the professional cleaners.

Myth 3: Buying Custom Window Treatments Is a Great Ordeal

Fact: In this highly digital era, you can buy blinds online in the comfort of your home. With the huge online marketplace, you can filter through a wide range of choices from mini blinds, solar blinds, roller blinds and then choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. A few clicks are all it takes to place the roller blinds online order and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

Myth 4: Limited Choices are Available

Fact: Available in a wide range of designs and colours, you are provided with a plethora of choices to choose the design that complements your home décor. Not only this, an impressive range of optional features and components available in the market for you to choose from.  In addition to standard window treatment options, blinds include options like top down bottom up operation, cordless operation, etc.

Myth 5: Vertical Blinds Are Only Suitable For the Windows

Fact: Apart from the popular vertical blinds, there are horizontal shades, faux wood blinds, woven wood blinds, cellular shades and other window treatments that you can choose from.

Myth 6: Blinds Are Not For Extreme Weather Conditions

Fact: Blinds such as natural woven wood blinds, solar shades, aluminium blinds, etc. are ideal to get enough heat during the winter to keep your home cosy and overheating from the harmful UV rays can even be controlled. This can save the interior décor of your home. Thus, maintaining a comfortable temperature in the indoors.

Myth 7: They Never Match Your Décor

Fact: This is a pure myth. The blinds can surely match and complement your home décor. If you are unsure about your selection, take the help of an expert consultant and they can help you choose the blinds that match your home’s interior. With the plethora of options available in the market, you can surely find something that works perfectly for your existing sitting.

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Myth 8: They Are Not Eco-Friendly

Fact: Blinds that are made using natural elements like bamboo, wood, etc are eco-friendly. Moreover, other window furnishings like vinyl blinds, aluminium blinds, polyester, etc. are green guard certified. They are free from toxic and hazardous substances like arsenic, lead, etc. making it safe for you and your family.

Myth 9: Blinds Are Only Suitable For Certain Rooms in the Home

Fact: If you believe that the window treatments are available only for your living room or bedroom, you need to give it a second thought. Many window furnishings like mini blinds, wood blinds, vinyl blinds, privacy blinds, etc. are suitable to install in your kitchen, bathroom, dining space, bathroom, etc. They create a comfortable and cosy environment in every room along with providing insulation from harmful UV rays. Know more about the different types of blinds here.

Myth 10: Blinds Are Not Energy Efficient

Fact: Many window treatments offer complete insulation from heat and light. Cellular shades, insulated roman blinds online are some of the most versatile window coverings offering a wide range of opacity.

Myth 11: They Are Not Suitable For Large Size Windows

Fact: When you opt for tailor-made window blinds, they are made with the precise measurement and can fit any large or wide size windows. Blinds are available in the multiple sizes. So, when you buy blinds online, you get the option to choose the measurement as per your window’s dimensions.

Myth 12: Lack of Privacy

Fact: The blackout blinds are the ideal options to achieve total privacy, any time of the day. So, without any worry now you can spend a beautiful evening with your friends and family without any fear of intruding eyes from the street.

Myth 13: They Are Difficult To Install

Fact: Most of the blinds like wood Venetian blinds, faux wood blinds, etc. are very lightweight. Additionally, they come with the required installation gear and brackets, making installation easy and simple.

Myth 14: Operating the Window Treatments Is Very Complex

Fact: This is a total myth. Operating window blinds are extremely easy. Options like continuous chain system and cordless blinds make it easy to raise or lower blinds.

 In A Nutshell:

Do away with the misconceptions and buy blinds online. It will not only help increase the style quotient of your home but will make it a much more comfortable space as well.

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