A Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Your Window Blinds

October 17 2018
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Out of many household chores, cleaning blinds is one that many people tend to forget about. However, neglecting these blinds can pile up the dust all the more. Not only dust, the pet fur, other skin cells and other factors can make the blind soiled, making it imperative for you to opt for blinds cleaning.

The good news is that cleaning the blinds in Melbourne is not at all a difficult task. All you need to do is figure out how to clean them, depending on their material. Mostly, the blinds are made up of wood or plastic. If you want to explore the different window treatments depending on the type of blinds, read our blog on an ultimate guide to choose the perfect window treatments.

So, considering these two as the materials as of now, let us go ahead with some important tips on how to clean them.

What Tools Can Be Used?

There is no specific manual for instructions to be followed here. Hence, you won’t end up getting a single solution. There are various ways that you can resort to clean the blinds. Though, one factor that you should take into consideration while deciding the cleaning tool is how much dust has accumulated or how soiled the blinds are. Regardless of what your blinds are made up of, it is recommended to assemble the following items:

  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments – Generally, this is easily found in every home as vacuum cleaner helps you maintain the cleanliness of your homes in the best way.
  • Microfiber cloths or microfiber mini blind duster – You can get this easily from a local hardware store or even online. As you can clean multiple blind tiers at a time, it is considered a great tool for easy cleaning of the blinds.

Basic Instructions for Simple Blind Cleaning Process

The basic thing that gets build-up over time on your blinds is dust. Dust and water together can pile up your work and make it more difficult. Hence, it is best to start with cleaning them dry. Here’s how you should carry out the cleaning job of wood and plastic blinds:

  • With the Help of a Microfiber Mini Blind Duster

  1. Keep the blinds loose and open. Run the duster over them entirely. Make sure that every nook and corner is covered. It is recommended to follow a pattern of dusting from top to bottom. This will ensure that the dust that falls down has been cleared as you proceed to the lower level.
  2. After you have dusted the entire blind area if you find any dust fallen, clean it with the help of the vacuum cleaner attachment.
  • With the Help of a Microfiber Cloth

  1. Close the blinds in a way that you face its concave side. Wipe away the dust at the top first and proceed further downwards. Even here, follow the same process as mentioned above – start from the top so that any dust particles that are fallen get cleaned up in the process.
  2. Turn the rod (known as tilt wand) that opens and closes your blinds. Continue doing this till you face the convex side of the blinds. Now, dust this side from top to bottom, simply by repeating the dusting process.
  3. Lastly, using the vacuum cleaner attachment, clean all the fallen dust, if any.

So, these cleaning tips can be applied when your blinds in Melbourne need a simple dust cleaning. But, what to do when your blinds are heavily soiled?

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What is the Process of Cleaning Blinds that are Heavily Soiled?

When your blinds are soiled heavily, a simple dusting won’t help the cause. You will have to go a step further in the cleaning process. This again will differ based on what type of blinds you have:  plastic or wooden.

  • When You Have Plastic Blinds

  1. Start with the simple blind cleaning process as mentioned above. Remove the dust as much as possible from your plastic blinds.
  2. Remove your blinds from the window and simultaneously, fill your bathtub with warm water.
  3. Soak the blinds for about at least an hour in the warm water.
  4. Take the blinds out of the bathtub and with the help of the microfiber cloth, wipe away the remaining dust, if any.
  5. Next, wipe your blinds with a dry cloth or you can even hang them in the open air so that they are air dried before placing them back on the window.
  6. Do not forget to clean your bathtub to avoid any dust getting stuck on your feet.
  • When You Have Wood Blinds

  1. Follow the simple blind cleaning steps in order to remove the dust. Again, make sure to remove as much dust as you can in this process.
  2. Use the vacuum cleaner to remove the extra dust. Make use of the brush attachment over here.
  3. Lastly, clean the wooden blinds with a microfiber cloth and cleaner. Wipe one side of the blinds with the cloth and the cleaner. Then, rotate the blinds by 180 degrees by turning the tilt wand. Once turned, repeat the wiping process on this side of the blind. This will make sure that no side of the blind is left for cleaning.

Final Words

Isn’t the process simple to follow? However, remember that the dust will quickly pile up again in no time. So, in order to keep your blinds intact and in the best condition, opt for regular cleaning. This will enable you to not only maintain your blinds in Melbourne but also create healthier surroundings around your home. But, even after cleaning regularly, if you feel that the blinds have lost their lustre, go through these signs that demand you replacing your blinds.

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