Curtains or Blinds or Both? How to Decide

October 25 2018
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Are you in a dilemma of choosing between curtains or blinds? The debate between curtain and blinds is never ending and deciding one between the two can be difficult. It all depends on the space you want to complement and the desired use of the window covering. The first step is to weigh the pros and cons of the many choices.

In the below guide, we will outline the factors regarding blinds and curtains. Depending on the product quality and the installation, either can add the value to your Melbourne home, but each option has their own cons and pros.


Curtains are window coverings made using light-weight fabric. Do not get confused between curtains and drapes. Drapes are heavier and usually floor length.


Blinds are available in a wide range of varieties:

  • Venetian Blinds – Horizontal slats that allow light control
  • Vertical Blinds – Slats made using stiffened fabric, plastic or wood. Usually used over a long window or sliding door
  • Roller Blinds – Fabric panels rolled onto a horizontal pole
  • Roman Shades – Made using fabric but gathered when raised horizontally.

If you can’t decide whether to have curtains, blinds or both as your window dressing, below listed are the number of factors that you need to consider. But, before we go ahead, you need to know 14 common misconceptions about the blinds you need to debunk so that you can make an informed decision.

#1 Personal Preferences

Many people prefer curtains in Melbourne simply because it is what they always had as a window dressing. While some prefer the sleekness of blinds and wouldn’t prefer anything else. For those who can’t quite decide always have the option of combining both as a window dressing or using curtains in some rooms and blinds in others. You need to select the option that you like the most, as at the end of the day, it’s your place and you have to live in it.

#2 Practicality

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is the practicality of the window dressing. For instance, blinds in a kitchen window are far more practical option that curtains for many reasons, including:

  • Blinds are clean, thus the hygiene can easily be maintained.
  • Blinds which are made using specialised fabric or aluminium have fire retardant properties, this is essential particularly when the cooking appliance is near the window.
  • Blinds are less likely to billow out when the windows are opened.
  • Blinds are less likely to be splashed by water from the sink or cooking fluids.
  • Some blinds are humid resistant, thus reducing the chance of bacteria and mould growth.
  • Vertical and Venetian blinds offer several lighting and privacy level options.
  • Roller blinds allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter the room.

The above-mentioned practicalities apply to the bathrooms too, where curtains can attract mildew and mould due to the humid atmosphere. Blinds are easy to maintain, particularly when the bath or sink is under the window. Curtains can cause a problem when installing for high windows on landings. As compared to curtains, blinds are far easier to close. The best option is to go for remote controlled blinds.

Curtains Melbourne

#3 Design

When it comes to window furnishings, the range of the style is limitless. Curtains in Melbourne are known to add style and warmth to a room. You can either chose to coordinate in colour with the rest of the furnishings or stand out as a contrasting element. While on the other hands, blinds are available in many styles, colours and textures but are not as versatile in design as curtains.

Curtains give a sense of warmth and cosiness to a room. The fabric of the curtains also acts as a sound buffer to quieten a room. Blinds make a room seem larger as they are less intrusive, folding out of the way more easily.

For a combination of design variety and functionality, some homeowners choose to apply both curtains and blinds. To add style to the blinds, you can install a valance or a length of decorative drapery hung over a window. These are more expensive options, but they may meet all the needs of the home.

#4 Insulation

Homeowners who desire to install curtains can opt for expensive thermal-backed curtains for maximum energy efficiency in extreme climates. Such curtains have fabric facing the room and other layers inside and facing the window for blocking heat and cold. With this option, you’ll have to compromise the natural light and needs to be installed carefully to provide a tight fit to the window frame.

Whereas blinds form a natural obstruction of heat and cold when closed but still allow the filtered light if they aren’t completely opaque. They can block direct sunlight while still allowing indirect light when slightly opened. One of the best choices is the cellular blind that comes with collapsible air pockets that provide insulation.

#5 Price

Combination of curtains and blinds may seem like the best idea for almost any room in your home, but that can be expensive. Basically, you are doubling up the cost of the treatments of each window. So, when you are deciding on the budget, be methodical. Don’t spend much in guest rooms, bathrooms or laundry rooms. While the combination of both can add ultimate privacy, style and temperature control in living areas, dining room, master bedrooms, etc.

Curtains vs. Blinds – Pros and Cons

Curtains Blinds
·         PROS

o   More design possibilities

o   Effective at blocking light

o   More energy efficient


·         CONS

o   More expensive

o   Harder to clean

o   Cords can be dangerous

·         PROS

o   Less expensive

o   Easier to clean

o   More light control


·         CONS

o   Minimal design

o   Less energy efficient

o   Cords can be dangerous



There are pros and cons with each window furnishing options. Many homeowners will find that the combination of both blinds and curtains in Melbourne provide the required aesthetics and functionality of the home. If you would like more help in choosing the window furnishings, read our comprehensive guide choosing the perfect window treatment options.

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