5 Top Bathroom Design Trends for 2018


For most of the people like you, a bathroom has become a personal spa, where you can relieve the stress of the day and relax. Right? So, when you are renovating your bathroom, you are not just creating a bathing space but a place where you can get away and be yourself. This directly implies of taking cautious efforts when you are planning to renovate your bathroom space.

A bathroom renovation demands to stay abreast of the changing styles and trends from time-to-time. Are you planning a bathroom renovation in 2018? While planning the bathroom style, fittings and fixtures in various suburbs like St Kilda, Toorak and Hawthorn, it is always worth the extra investment in quality and trendy products.

The 2018 trends for bathroom renovations in St Kilda, Toorak and Hawthorn are diverse as well as innovative. With so many styles, eras and trends to choose from, the clever renovators are mixing the best of classic design with the latest innovative ideas to create the gen-next bathrooms. When you have decided to renovate your bathroom, do not withhold these 5 things at the time of remodelling your space.

From decor to hardware, below-mentioned are the latest home bathroom design power players.

1) Cabinetry: Floating Vanities

The floating cabinets are the top-on-trend designs of the bathroom renovations in Toorak, Hawthorn and St Kilda. The main advantage is that it frees up tons of visual floor space, making even small bathrooms feel airy and light. In a small bathroom where space is already a great concern, adding a strip or spotlighting beneath the floating vanity helps to enhance the illusion of additional space.


Because of their clean, minimalist appearance, floating vanities work best in homes that are already designed in a contemporary manner. It also makes the bathroom less cluttered and simpler, rendering it easier to keep neat and clean.

2) Tile: Colourful Classics


2018 has observed the return of classic bathroom designs with bold, juicy colours. The dimensional tones are taking the entire spotlight. Matte finishes, nude neutral shades, graphic patterns, geometric tiles, wood planks for flooring, textural finishes are some of the on-going classic tile styles that you can choose from.

3) Plumbing: Wall Mount Faucets

A wall-mounted choice reads modern, clean and customized design options. Basic but highly functional, these faucets are available in many styles and finishes. While opting for bathroom renovations in Hawthorn, Toorak and St Kilda, considering the wall-mounted faucets are a better choice than deck-mounted ones.


Gravity is working for you, carrying water and soap residue away from the faucet instead of having it all collect at the base. Additionally, they also keep the counter clear, making it easier to wipe it down.

4) Lighting: Attractive Setup

When you think about bathroom lighting, you generally end up thinking ceiling-flush overheads and sconces. But the recent trend observes an increase in pendant lights on either side of a sink or as a focal point directly above it.


Unique lighting is a strong look this season. Taking chances with the bold lighting shape is a great way to bring important detail. Lighting also needs to be functional, so whatever design you choose, make sure you have the right light in the right places. Considering the lighting aspect significantly while undertaking bathroom renovations in St Kilda, Toorak and Hawthorn can bring a great impact to your overall bathroom interiors.

5) Layout: Open Showers


Whether partitioned by a glass or just letting it free without any divider, the integrated showers are the stylish way to give your bathroom a spa-like experience. The open showers offer the benefit of running in and out without doors and the ease of quick access. Additionally, easier to clean than a shower enclosure, aesthetic appeal, maximising every square inch, eliminating the cost and hassle of a shower door are some of the attractive benefits of these open showers.

Are You Ready to Bring a Grand Makeover to Your Bathroom?

Aren’t these latest and amazing tips worth considering for your bathroom renovations in Toorak, Hawthorn and St Kilda? If you are inspired by these trends, make 2018 the year of revamping your bathroom, the way you always dreamt of. Clinging to the unique tiles, faucets and bold accents will surely make your bathroom space more appealing and interesting. Get going!