Sun Blinds

We often go to a lot of expense to furnish our homes. Tile or wood flooring, carpets comfortable couches, dining room settings, bedroom suites, the list goes on. In Australia the harshness of our sun can begin to fade or damage these furnishings in a relatively short amount of time. So how do we go about protecting these items which we often spend large sums of money on? Sun Blinds are the perfect solution!

At Image Blinds Direct we have a large selection of blinds that offer various grades of sun protection. Whether you choose external patio type blinds or internal blinds, there is sure to be something to suit what you’re looking for. Image Blinds has been selling these protective window coverings to South East Queensland home owners for over 10 years. Image Blinds Direct now make it possible for you to order your sun blinds online, custom made to fit any window in your home. Your satisfaction is guaranteed as each high quality product comes with a 12 month warranty.

All our sun blinds use the latest in sun protection technology and are made to withstand harsh Australian conditions. There are a number of styles to choose from depending on whether you want inside or external installation. You may want to protect your family and your possessions from sun damage without shutting out the view to your garden.

Our mesh shade blinds provide protections from the sun’s UV rays, while still allowing you to admire the garden or keep an eye on the kids. On windows that receive more intense sunlight you may want to choose from a range of sun blinds made from quality sunscreen material which provide complete blockout. Need quality sun blinds? North, South, East or West, Image Blinds Direct has you covered!

Sunshade Blinds

In Australia, people love the outdoors. During the warmer months we often love to entertain on the back deck or patio, with a barbecue and a few drinks. If your deck or patio faces the afternoon sun however, you may feel the need to start your parties, or get togethers later in the day, once the sun has dropped lower in the sky. Of course, there is another option. Sunshade blinds could very well solve the problem of harsh afternoon sun, allowing you to entertain at your convenience.

Installing sunshade blinds can block out harsh UV rays, and in some cases, a percentage of rain, without compromising your view. There are a variety of sunshade blinds available and Image Blinds Direct has a fantastic variety of colours & styles. What’s more, once you’ve decided which style you like and order, our dedicated team will make your sunshade blinds to fit your area.

The beauty of sunshade blinds is that they still allow you to enjoy the outdoors, overlooking the yard, garden or pool, whilst protecting you from the sun and other elements. It also keeps out those pesky insects. Materials are available in a variety of sun protection ratings, giving you total control over how much sun you let in. Blinds made from sunshade materials allow you to create an “outdoor room.” You’ve may have heard the term “bringing the outdoors in”? Well sunshade blinds allow you to do just that. Sit back and enjoy the warmth of the sun in you entertainment area, without worrying about, glare or damaging rays from the sun.

Image Blinds Direct has outdoor blinds either in a straight drop style or a zip track guided system which provides security as well as sun protection. All sunshade blinds are custom made, and can be ordered online.

Sunscreen Blinds

Everyone knows the slogan “slip slop slap.” Few people these days probably leave their homes without the protection of sunscreen. Our harsh Australian sun makes it a necessity. Certainly it is something mothers are trying to instill their children. “Don’t forget the sunscreen!” is often heard when families are heading outdoors. But what about our homes? How do we sunscreen them? Well with Sunscreen Roller Blinds of course.

Image Blinds Direct can custom make these versatile blinds to fit almost any window in your home. Sunscreen blinds are unique, and their advantages are many. Fitting snugly within your window frame, or mounted outside, these blinds block out up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, whilst still allowing you to see out and enjoy the view offered by your yard or garden.

The advantages of this are many. Your internal furnishings are protected, your family is protected and you are still able to look out and enjoy the views, and keep an eye on the kids outdoors. Most widow sizes can be accommodated, and sunscreen blinds are available in a range of fashion colours. You can select from, white, beige, white grey, grey or charcoal. You are able to control clarity of vision by your choice of colour. The darker your colour choice, the easier it is to see outside. The versatile "Image View" fabric can help to keep your home cooler by eliminating up to 70% of heat gain via the window glass, which could amount to up to a massive 30% in savings on your energy bill.

The advantages just keep getting better and better. If you’re worried about privacy, you needn’t be. You will be able to see outside, but outsiders won’t be able to see in, giving you ultimate advantage in privacy and security.

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